About Us

A new society that integrates cyberspace and physical space, as seen in digital twins and the metaverse, is being envisioned, and research and development efforts are being made toward its realization. In the Onoe Laboratory, we are conducting research on the architecture of computer systems in such a society, including the design methodologies of middleware and processors that form their foundation. Additionally, we are engaged in prototyping and demonstration experiments aimed at societal implementation. Currently, we are particularly focused on a wide range of research areas such as energy management, smart mobility systems, acoustic technology, and medical image analysis, in collaboration with domestic and international companies and research institutions.  

For Laboratory Visits

The Onoe Laboratory is always open to laboratory visits. If you wish to visit the laboratory, please contact Assistant Professor Nishikawa via email.

Research Topics

Next-Generation Energy Management System

Digital Twin

3D Audio Technology

Compressive Sensing

Distributed IoT System

Medical Image Processing

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